The Surprise Vegetable Garden

You've seen it before I'm sure.  A surprise plant or two coming up where you would least expect it.  A bird may have moved the seed around, or maybe it was caught can carried along on the wind. But have you ever had a whole garden just appear ready to go?  I have!  Now it's not the perfect fall garden.  It doesn't have everything I would have chosen to plant but it does have several different edibles that we can definitely make use of.  So what is planted in my surprise vegetable garden?  Lettuce, arugula, and cilantro! 

Arugula, lettuce, and cilantro self-sown in the lawn.

The next thing you are probably wondering is how did this surprise crop appear?  A planting by aliens perhaps? Or bigfoot? Maybe Elvis?  Nope as much as I hate to disappoint those who wish to keep Elvis alive, I planted this vegetable patch without even realizing it.  In the spring I gathered the refuse from the garden and piled it up in the center of the yard before I took it all to the back for composting.  I always let my cilantro go to seed for a returning crop the following year so its presence isn't too shocking but apparently the arugula and lettuce also made it to the seed stage.  When I dropped the load in the center of the yard the seed went everywhere.  I have no issues about eating the food from the lawn since our yard is free of chemical pesticides and herbicides.  What is neat about this situation is that the deer so far have left this patch alone.  Apparently deer aren't fans of cilantro, it's good thing I am! 

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