'Sheffield' vs. 'Clara Curtis'

No this isn't some heavy weight boxing fight over on pay-per-view.  This is a garden blog after all!  This is a comparison between two very similar fall flowering perennials that really are heavy weight garden stand outs!  This battle is between 'Sheffield Pink' and 'Clara Curtis' - the pink mums! 

In this corner we have 'Clara Curtis' sporting pink petals and yellow centers.

Her blooms rise on long stems high above her 4' wide mounding frame.

And in this corner her opponent, 'Sheffield Pink' is armed with tightly formed pink petals with yellow centers.

'Sheffield Pink' stands at 2 feet tall by 3 feet wide with clusters of long stemmed flowers tightly packed together.

What's the difference?  Not much really!  At first glance you would think they appear the same but look a little closer. 'Clara Curtis' has petals that have a little more space in between where the 'Sheffield Pink' flower petals are packed close together. 'Sheffield Pink' appears to have more abundant flowering than 'Clara Curtis' but both have flowered significantly.  Neither plant receives supplemental watering and both perform very well with neglect in a sunny location.  Those kind of plants are worth their weight! 

Which one is better?  Take your pick!  Both are great additions to any garden that has the space.  These mums spread very quickly and by the third year you will have quite a specimen!  Mums can be propagated very easily with a cutting taken anytime during the growing season. I took stem tip cuttings of several 'Clara Curtis' mums over the summer which are now flowering in 4 inch pots.  They will also divide well so if you only want one or two extra plants give division a try.   

Which do you like better, 'Clara Curtis' or 'Sheffield Pink'?

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