The Garden Over The Weekend

This weekend I found myself in the shed working on some shelving and countertops for the reclaimed cabinets I picked up from the dump (yes I'm that cheap!)   I'll talk more on the garden shed later in the week but for now I thought I'd show you a little of what is going on in the garden. Things are winding down and the recent frosts have already claimed some victims like the zinnias, coleus, and the beans. Warmer weather is going to be with us this week but it won't be long before the garden goes to sleep for the winter.

The 'Winter Snowman' camellia looks like it will bloom this year for the first time. We have two planted in our front garden that should provide us with a great late season show!

The heucheras are providing a for some ground cover color next to a fast spreading ajuga.

In the same garden with the heucheras an oak leaf hydrangea is beginning to show some fall color.  Oak leaf hydrangeas are one of my favorite shrubs.  They get large so if you plant one give it plenty of room!

Next to the house an orange berry bush (pyracantha) is putting on a show.  It's an awesome plant for fall color which if you haven't checked out the Fall Color Project yet please do!  Pyracantha has plenty of thorns which make it unappetizing and nearly deer proof! Deer proof plants are integral members of my garden.

The 'Shenandoah' switchgrass has gone to seed.  It's more brown than red now but still provides some good visual winter interest.  It's time to collect some seeds!

In the vegetable garden the lettuce is coming along. Here is a red Romaine that has become a favorite of mine called 'Rouge D'Hiver'.  This little plant is a self-sown volunteer.  If you let a few of your plants go to seed your garden may sow itself for you!

The beans took a hit with the frosts but the nearby arugula can take the cold.

The radishes are ready to pick. I'm always at a loss with how to serve radishes except in salads.

How was your weekend?

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