Camellias, Two for the Price of One!

When you garden cheap (or try to) you look for all those little tricks that will help save a few dollars. Plant propagation is one of my favorite tricks but here's another money saving trick that pops up from time to time: multiple plants! Sometimes plant propagators stick more than one cutting in a pot to increase the odds that a pot will be filled with at least one plant. It's a time saving technique that prevents the propagator from having to go back and redo a planting. It's not the greatest thing in the world for plants since there are two or more competing (for nutrient and water) plants in the same pot which will then be planted together - unless you catch it! Today while planting my 'Yuletide' Camellia sasanqua the root ball fell into two pieces, literally.  It fell into two pieces. I wasn't trying to divide it, nor was I removing any dirt for any reason. It just broke cleanly into two separate plants and each (fortunately) had pretty good root systems.

What I find peculiar about this camellias is the name.  It's called 'Yuletide' but the yuletide season is in December, this camellia flowers early between September and October!  Hmm...

Whatever the case blooming evergreen plants are very welcome in my landscape. I don't have enough evergreens and the blooms icing on the cake!

These two new camellias make the second variety of camellia in our garden.  The other is 'Winter Snowman'.

Do you grow camellias?  Which ones?

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