20 Butterfly Bushes

This week I went to my mom's house to do a little digging.  Back in the late spring we noticed small butterfly bush seedlings beginning to sprout in the pathway's of her vegetable garden. As they grew large enough to transplant the weather became hot and transplanting wasn't a great idea. Then my father passed away and just about everything gardening related was set aside until later.  Now it's later and these 20 butterfly bushes that sprouted from seed have been transplanted into a variety of pots.

Fortunately for me there was very little digging. The plants sent roots across the surface of the soil and were completely blocked from getting a grip on the soil below because of a weed blocking fabric. Unfortunately for the butterfly bushes the roots have grown sideways!  It will take some time but the roots will eventually correct themselves in their pots. The bushes are suffering from a little shock but should rebound fine.  It's hard to stop a butterfly bush from growing!

Monarch Butterfly on 'Attraction' Butterfly Bush

It won't be long before these butterfly bushes are ready to invite flocks of fluttering butterflies for dinner!

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