September GROW Update!

It's almost time for this gardener to get some lettuce growing in the vegetable garden and I don't have a lettuce update yet for the GROW project but I can show you how the basil and marigold seeds have done. We've been suffering from drought over the last few weeks and watering on a daily basis is becoming a necessary evil.  You'll see why when you peak at my 'Italian Cameo' Basil. It's really not doing much right now.  The dry weather is taking a toll on my potted plants (which aren't many).  The 'Italian Cameo' basil grows smaller than other basils which is ideal for planting in pots.  It has the same flavor as the larger Italian basils.

The 'Yellow Splash' marigold is putting on a pretty show near some tomatoes. 'Yellow Splash' has a bright yellow flower which must be the reason for its name. It gets shaded by the tomatoes and would be much better out in a full sun location. It would look awesome planted enmass with some 'Purple Homestead' verbena surrounding it.  Too bad I didn't think of that before! It could be an nice choice for designing a completely yellow garden. Marigolds sometimes get a reputation of being too common but there is definitely something to be said for a plant that needs little maintenance once planted and puts out a copious amount of blooms in late August and September.

Previous GROW project Updates:

I'm growing with the SeedGROW project. Thanks to Renee's Garden for the seeds! 

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