Pineapple Sage - Still Not Blooming!

This spring I bought this pineapple sage at a garden show fully expecting it to thrive and burst into colorful red blooms. Well I can say one thing, it is thriving!  For some reason the blooms are just now beginning to form despite it growing to a size of about three and a half feet round.  It has nearly overtaken the 'Little Giant' arborvitae planted next door. The blooms that are forming should begin to put on their show within the next week but I could have sworn that my pineapple sage from last year bloomed much earlier!

In other blooming news my Gossypium herbaceum 'Nigrum' is in bloom, that would be cotton.  I mentioned this cotton on the Facebook page last night.  It's gorgeous blooms would be much better displayed if planted enmass in a better location. I'll blame the local gardener for that. He's always sticking stuff in the wrong place.

And here's one more picture for the day just to show that fall is coming...

Soon the rest of this crape myrtle will be just as fiery color as the leaf!  Are signs of fall in your area yet?

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