Fall Seedlings

The fall vegetable garden is coming along! It never fails to fill me with excitement when those freshly planted seeds grow into seedlings. Especially when the seedlings were planted naturally through self-sowing as is the case with my cilantro. Cilantro is one of those expensive to buy but easy to grow plants.  It likes it when the weather is cooler and always germinates easily in the fall.  The trick to getting it to self-sow is to give it room to grow then let it go to seed! (Pretty easy right?)  Cilantro gets big when in bloom so it needs the space and so might the gardener!

The other little seedling to sprout this week was the 'Baby green Fortune' pak choi. It was very tasty and very heat tolerant back in the spring, now it's time to have some in the fall.  A couple plants lasted into late June.  The pak choi seedlings germinated in less than 5 days in a pot on my back porch. If you don't want a big fall garden consider planting in pots near the door to the house. The residual heat from the house will help the vegetables and it's pretty convenient too when the temperatures are colder than you would like them to be!

I have to clean up the vegetable garden more before I plant other fall crops but so far here's what is in the fall vegetable garden: Lettuce (a red Romaine called 'Rouge D'Hiver' and 'Tom Thumb'), Spinach 'Teton Hybrid', and Radishes 'German Giant'.

What seeds have you planted for your fall vegetable garden?

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