The Fall Color Project 2011

Since Labor Day is the unofficial/official end of summer I guess that means it's time to start thinking about fall! And what else do you think about with fall?  FALL COLOR!  Which means it's time for The Home Garden's annual Fall Color Project! Since 2008 The Fall Color Project has been bringing fall color from Canada, The United States, Germany and many other places right to the computer screen in front of you!

To sum up how it works bloggers take photos of the fall scenery, post about it, and I link to their posts so that everyone can leaf peep at their own convenience!  It's a great way to track the fall color changes as they travel from the northernmost reaches of the northern hemisphere to the deep south.  You can find more details here at the official Fall Color Project Blog! Yep, this year it has it's own special home.  This way all the fall color posts will be in one easy to find location. 

Fall's first day isn't until the 23rd of September but it's always a good idea to plan ahead to get outside and catch your peak fall colors for the Fall Color Project.  I hope you'll consider joining in to share the fall colors from your area!

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