The Vines Look Sad

But the harvest ain't bad!

Just look at this bunch of tomatoes:

The round orange tomatoes are 'Woodle Orange', the round red ones are volunteers, the small and slightly purple tinted are some 'Cherokee Purple' tomatoes that didn't grow as larges as they should have, and the elongated orange tomatoes are 'Orange Icicle.'  The cherry tomatoes are all from volunteer plants.  I told myself this year I would pull up all the volunteer plants that were in bad locations...I failed!  The result isn't too bad though.  I'm picking a box like this about every 3-4 days.  More than enough to feed our families fresh tomatoes for the summer. Hopefully our harvests will increase and we can get some tomatoes canned before the frosts come in October - oops I said the "F" word!

How's your harvest coming?

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