Time to Blitz the Bermuda!

Every gardener has an enemy, a nemesis, an evil villain that lurks in the garden that the garden would love to eradicate. I've had an invader this year that has been more aggressive than ever before - Bermuda grass. Once it gets a foothold in the garden it is extremely hard to hold back, let alone eliminate.  Recently I attempted to use an EcoSmart non-selective herbicide on the Bermuda grass. While it browned the leaves it did very little lasting damage and the Bermuda grass came back easily within a few days.  Bermuda grass 1, Dave 0.  This weekend I began a second assault on the Bermuda grass.   It's another extension of my very successful TARP for gardening program from a while back.

I laid the tarp down over the infected area in order to bake the Bermuda to a crisp.  Let's hope this works!

Hopefully the heat and lack of light will weaken the Bermuda and even kill it off.  If any root remains alive I know it could easily come back so after I remove the tarp I'll double dig the area and try to take out any roots I find.

What strategy have you used effectively against Bermuda grass?

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