'Tigger' Melon - Light and Sweet

Every year I try something new in the vegetable garden. When I was selecting seeds back in the dormant season I ran across this small melon called 'Tigger'.  Of course as a parent with three children anything with the name 'Tigger' catches my attention. The 'Tigger' melon was described in the Baker Creek catalog as "vibrant yellow with brilliant fire-red, zigzag stripes."  It's appearance is a little less fancy than hyped in the catalog but that could be due to different growing conditions or a variety of other factors. But it is an orange and yellowish (or maybe orange-yellow) striped melon.  According to the description the seed was found in an Armenian Market.  It's always neat to learn a little about the history around the seeds.

I have my 'Tigger' melons growing on one of our cucumber and melon trellises. When the fruit is ripe the melons simply drop from the vine into the raised bed below.  The small melons rapidly grow to form the green striped melon in the picture below.

After a few days the skin begins to change color into a ruddy orange-green color hinting at the final stages of the fruit.

And when it is ripe it falls to the ground ready to be eaten by a hungry family!  I put this melon in the refrigerator right away to begin chilling.

When sliced open it reveals a while flesh with a thin outer skin. The center has lots of seed perfect for saving (or sharing, more on that in a minute!) The melon's flesh has a light and sweet taste perfect for breakfast!  

I will definitely plant this melon in my garden again. It's flavor may not be the strongest but I kind of like the light sweetness of the fruit. It's not overpowering and would delicious to eat just about any time of the day.

Would you like some seeds?  If so comment below!  I'm sure I can have enough seed for 5 participants to win and maybe more, I'll see what I can do.  Comment by the end of the day on Monday August 8th if you want some 'Tigger' Melon seeds.

I wouldn't recommend that this 'Tigger' bounce!

Original Seeds were purchased from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and have been grown organically in my garden.

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