Beautyberry Berries In Color

One of the precursors to fall is the beautyberry. Much like the forsythias harken the arrival of spring the beautyberries are always reliably beautiful beginning this time of year. The blooms of summer gradually have transformed from small white blossoms into clusters of tiny purple gems.  Our beautyberry is now in its third year in the ground and has reached a size of about 4 feet tall with a 6 foot width. It's partially shaded in the morning but gets nearly full sun through the rest of the day. 

I haven't watered it once after its first year in the ground and seems to enjoy my Tennessee garden quite well! That really shouldn't come as a surprise since Callicarpa americana is a native plant here in the southeast. I'm sure we've all heard how important it is to plant native plants for their adaptability to local weather conditions.

The berries tend to last longer than other berry producing plants - at least in our garden. It's good for the birds to have something that lasts late into the season to eat after other plants have been picked clean. Beautyberry can be easily propagated through cuttings if you want more, and who wouldn't?

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