What Not To Do In The Vegetable Garden

You hear a lot of us garden bloggers always talking about what to do in the vegetable garden, but what about what not to do? We all make mistakes.  We all do things that can be categorized under "OOPS".  I'm going to share one of those "OOPS" moments with you today that quite frankly I'm disgusted with myself for doing. What was my mistake in the garden? I was very carefully weeding the Bermuda grass from around the base of my cucumber plants when out came something other than a nasty Bermuda grass rhizome. It was the shallow roots of one cucumber vine!  My poor cucumbers when into shock so bad that I doubt they will recover. I'll have to replant. Fortunately I had several vines up on this trellis and at least one of them is still alive.  I added some shredded paper mulch and newspapers to try to keep the moisture in the soil in the off chance that my cucumbers have a chance.  I have other cucumbers in other areas of the vegetable garden so I won't be completely without cucumbers but these were pickling cucumbers that I was pretty excited about. I'll still be pickling but without the pickling cucumbers it just won't be the same.

What was your most recent "OOPS?"

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