'Trombetta' Climbing Squash

One of the more unusual vegetables I am growing this years is the 'Trombetta' climbing squash. Its name is derived from the Italian word for bugle or trumpet which is the shape it resembles. 'Trombetta' is a climbing squash that when ideally placed has the strong support of an arbor or trellis on which to grow.  The squash itself gets very long and is ideally picked somewhere around 12-14 inches. 

This small squash will quickly transform into a much larger version if given plenty of water and nutrient rich soil.  I planted our squash beside our arbor in the hopes that it would climb and eventually cover the arbor. In the past I've used moonflowers but they haven't done much this year. I think this squash is unique enough to categorize as both an ornamental and an edible plant.

According to Renee's Garden Seeds (which was my source for the seeds) 'Trombetta' has a "mild taste with a hint of artichoke!"  We'll find out soon since this one looks ready for picking!

What unusual veggies have you tried this year?

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