A Short Plant Propagation Update

I wish I could say I had thousands of plants sitting in the backyard from my plant propagation experiments but unfortunately I've just been too busy to do much this year. That isn't to say I'm not happy with what I've accomplished. Sometimes the uniqueness of the experience is much more valuable and satisfying than quantity produced.  What I'm especially pleased with are the rooted cuttings I potted up today. I've been keeping several cuttings in my propagation box that were probably ready to come out days if not weeks ago.

My propagation container sure looks like a mess doesn't it? It's a hodge podge of various perennials and shrubs. Ideally I would divide each container by type and variety but when space is an issue - or time for that matter - shoving them all in the same spot will just have to do! Inside this former salad container are cuttings from perennials like gaillardia, 'Purple Homestead' verbena, and Russian sage. I also have some pineapple sage which is an annual I like to have in my garden.

The shrub area is where I'm excited. Three more of my chamaecyparis cuttings rooted which brings me up to six successful chamaecyparis cuttings.   Also in the below picture are a viburnum, hydrangea, and a teeny tiny little butterfly bush.  Unfortunately the camellia cuttings have yet to root and I lost my single crape myrtle cutting. Sometimes everything works and sometimes you lose a few.

I potted the shrubs and planted the perennials directly into the garden since the weather has forecast good chances of rain throughout the week. In fact it even rained about 0.2 inches today.  I desparately need to get outside to trim back the suckers on our crape myrtles and I'll probably make a few cuttings while I'm at it.

What's on your propagation to do list?

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