Looking Longingly at Lycopersicon!

Those hot days of summer are here again, and while were all complaining about our excess perspiration, lack of precipitation, and all kinds of heat related aggravation - good things are growing. Take the terrific tomato for example! Botanically speaking the tomato is known as Lycopersicon esculentum but I'll just stick with tomato --- or as those here in the south call it 'mater!

Some of this heat is actually good for the tomato plants, they seem to enjoy it - I'm glad something does. But once the temperatures get too high, like in the upper 90's, flowering production shuts down and the tomatoes wait around for temperatures to cool off a bit. We had a heat spell last year where our tomatoes stopped producing but eventually came back to make more 'maters.

What I'm excited about today is the first tomato blooms of the season! It won't be long until the first fruits begin to show. While all that is very exciting it really doesn't mean a thing until that first fresh tomato from the garden is enjoyed.  That's what we're all waiting for, the result of our hard work, the culmination of all the bloodmeal, sweat, and tears!

These particular blooms belong to a 'Sungold' orange cherry tomato.  I've staked the tomato up to a "U" post figuring that the coated metal posts won't rot and are pretty sturdy. I considered using the steel concrete reinforcement wire but I really don't want a rusty metal object around ares where my children are likely to be. For now I'll just tie up the tomatoes.

Very soon, I tell myself as I look longingly at Lycopersicon esculentum!

How are your tomato plants growing?

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