My Plant Yard Sale Experience

As you probably know (or have guessed by now) my dream job/career would be to own my own nursery. I've thought about different ways to do this and researched quite a few options. Ideally I would work from home and be able to produce plants for retail nurseries or landscapers. That dream is still a long way off at this point but I tried something of an experiment this past weekend, we had a yard sale, and I tried to sell a few plants.

Saturday, the day of the garage sale, was gorgeous. A cool crisp morning - jacket weather, led to a warm and sunny late morning and afternoon. People came by at a regular pace, looking for bargains and deals. One person asked if I had guns and knives - nope not here. Another person was looking for buttons. Another yardsaler was looking for patio furniture - closer to my goods but still not plants. I met people who claimed they would kill plants - even monarda and mint. You really have to try to kill those two plants! I even met people who were from Alabama visiting a sister who lived in our neighborhood while they were without power from the terrible tornadoes they suffered last week. I hope you'll join me in thinking and praying for those people who lost their loved ones and homes in that disaster.

I met lots of people, but no one who really wanted to buy plants from a yard sale. One person did come and buy a few plants who heard of my sale from the one advertisement I put out (a small message to our local garden club). That was neat since he actually lived in a house with a garden and pond I've admired for a while now. He has over 600 varieties of daylilies! I think his purchase was more to be nice to a fellow gardener than to buy plants for himself.

What was my grand total for the day on plants? $14! I'm sure glad I don't have to feed my family on that income! I'm not disappointed in the least, far from it really. I learned a few things that day and even came up with some ideas for the future that I might explore.

What did I learn? 

It was fun to try and I might do so again in the future - only modified. Good planning, proper advertising, and a nice variety of plants are not only necessary but paramount to success.

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