How I Protect My Plants from Frost

It's May, and the last thing I thought I'd be writing about is a frost in May (Our last Frost date is usually mid April).  The weather service hasn't put out a frost warning that I know of but with temperatures predicted to be 39 degrees tonight I know my garden is in danger. Our property sits down in a frost pocket that always seems to get 5-10 degrees colder than the surrounding areas. That 39 low becomes more like a 34 or even a 29! It's wise to take some precautions even if the temperatures don't drop that low.

Here's what I did tonight to protect my plants from frost:

I could use plastic to cover my plants but plastic will transfer the temperature through any point the plant comes in contact with. That's why I prefer cloth blankets of some kind since I can lay them directly on top of the plants without damaging them.

I'll have to make sure that when morning comes I remove it all fairly quickly. The sun will heat up those plastic nursery pots quick and the plants underneath will roast! I'd much rather have my roasted tomatoes with the fruit of the tomato plant and not the tomatoes!

When is your last frost date?

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