The Good Bug Files: Ladybug Larvae!

Among all the beneficial insects one of the most well known and well regarded is the ladybug (or properly called ladybeetle).  Either the ladybug is really good for the garden or it has a great PR person! Of course it could be both since when you do good things people talk about you and we all know that word of mouth is some of the best advertising around.  The fact is the ladybug is predatory insect and loves to devour those irritating aphids that munch on all of our precious plants brand new growth. Ladybugs are also known to eat up scale (which are extremely annoying) and mites (can't say as I like them either!)

I've been seeing them everywhere in my garden! A healthy environment devoid of pesticides will encourage natural predatory insects like the ladybugs and others to make a home. Pesticides do two things: they kill off the predatory insects and they kill off the food for the predatory insects. Neither one is a good thing for a healthy population of ladybugs.

Have you seen any larvae lately?