A Few Blooming May Flowers!

It's a good thing I took several pictures toward the end of last week since the rain and dreary weather has dampened much of the garden. Sunny days are ahead but until then all we have are a few photos of flowers from the gardens. That will just have to do!

Up first we have some achillea. Also called yarrow it is an extremely useful filler plant with pretty much no maintenance. It attracts pollinators and look great almost all the time.

Catmint and salvia are two of my favorite perennials. Catmint grows easy, blooms prolifically, propagates easily, smells great, and attracts pollinators! Pretty good huh? The salvia (this one is 'Caradonna') needs a trimming after bloom to refresh its flowers but other than that it's extremely low maintenance.

Penstemon is another plant that is pretty cool. The bell shaped flowers attract hummingbirds and pollinators. I have this one planted next to a viburnum but it will need moved eventually. Hopefully it will seed well this year and I can spread the seed in the self sowing garden. If not propagation is always a fun way to make more plants!

Our rose campion has really bloomed out well this year. The red flowers self-sow prolifically which is fin by me since it puts on such a great show. These are in our rain garden which has been overrun with coneflowers this year. I can't wait to see it flowering this summer! 

How's your garden blooming?

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