Tomato and Sugar Snap Pea Update (Seed Sowing Saturday)

This post is about two of my favorite vegetable garden plants: tomatoes and sugar snap peas! Both are delicious right from the garden and I have both growing in my home and garden! The snap peas are about 6 inches tall at this point. The pea growth has been slowed some by the cool temperatures.  Even though sugar snap peas can tolerate the cold fine their growth slows until the temperatures are warmer. And that's not a weed to the left of the snap peas, that's cilantro

The tomatoes are looking pretty good right now in side the house. Some of the tomatoes were planted in seed starting peat trays while other tomatoes were planted in recycled mushroom containers. The foam mushroom container tomatoes are doing much better than the peat trays - and they were even planted a week later. I think part of it is due to more soil for the tomatoes to grow roots in the foam containers. I've noticed a little yellowing of the leaves in a few of the peat tray tomatoes which tells me that the plant isn't getting enough nutrients. The tomatoes need more soil for more roots and could stand to be fertilized.

Maybe this weekend I'll finally start my basil, peppers, and eggplant. I think the basil may do fine in the garden shed since the temperatures are staying decent. Not ideal, but decent. I need to insulate more along the ceiling - but that's a subject for another post!

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