Inside the Strawberry Patch

OK it's not really a strawberry patch as much as it is a raised bed in the vegetable garden that is overflowing with strawberry plants. A couple years ago I planted the bed with these strawberry plants, I believe there were twelve plants total, and let them grow in the bed. I fertilized after their fruiting was complete with an organic fertilizer and watched as the 12 little strawberry plants became many, many more. Strawberry mother plants create runners that root then become mother plants themselves. They are the ultimate in self-layering plants! In fact I had so many strawberry plants that I've given away over 150 plants this year and can't tell a difference in my garden.  My strawberries are June bearing but I don't know what variety.

I need to cover the strawberries this week with bird netting. The birds are devouring the craneflies right now and are a little distracted but soon they'll notice the bright red berries ripening up in the garden. Then it will be a competition for who gets the strawberries - the birds or Dave's daughters! I can't blame the birds, after all who wouldn't want backyard fresh produce that is chemical free?

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