Sweet Potato Slipping Away!

A few weeks ago I dropped a fairly large sweet potato in an old plastic peanut butter jar filled with water to make some sweet potato slips. Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite vegetables. To me having a simple baked sweet potato at dinner time almost seems wrong, it tastes like I am eating dessert for dinner! But of course the sweet potato is probably one of the healthiest vegetables around.

It took a month before the sweet potato achieved the level of rooting you see in the picture. Now that it has roots I can gently remove the rooted pieces and plant them in the garden on a cool morning or overcast day. Any sweet potato slips that don't have enough roots to plant directly out in the garden can be placed in a jar of water to give them more time to grow roots. Over the summer they will grow new tubers for our family to devour later! Trust me - they won't last long! Sweet potatoes are extremely frost sensitive so don't plant them outside until all danger of frost has past. For a companion planting I may put the sweet potatoes together with bush beans.

Do you grow sweet potatoes in your vegetable garden?

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