Creeping Phlox and Border Rocks

It seems to me that phlox and rocks just go well together. It's not just the rhyming sounds that make the words blend but it's how the plants and rocks function together. Creeping phlox just loves to wrap itself around nearby objects and rocks are no exception! When I added the border rocks to the front garden I left a few gaps to allow the phlox to slide and creep through toward the lawn.The first picture of the front garden and border was taken a little over a week ago, just when the phlox began to bloom. Behind the phlox are daylilies and salvia which will add the next course of color. I used to have Russian sage in this garden but I moved it to try something new and because it was getting very large!

Here the creeping phlox has filled out with blooms.

I have a Salvia lyrata in the same garden which loves to self sow. Here is it between a couple border rocks.

This weekend was the first weekend I've seen the butterflies out in force. Along with this tiger swallowtail I spotted one Monarch butterfly and I didn't have my camera in hand for a picture!

Here are a few pictures of our creeping phlox from last year.
What plants do you use for your borders?

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