Basil and Pepper Progress Report (Seed Sowing Saturday)

It's time for another seed starting update! This week it's the peppers and basil seedlings that get the spotlight. I plant basil and peppers every year in the vegetable garden. I find that basil is indispensable as a seasoning and for making pesto. It also has a some companion planting benefits when planted alongside the vegetables in the garden (particularly the tomatoes!) I don't worry as much with the peppers as I do many of the other vegetables. We just don't use them as much in our cooking. Stuffed peppers are pretty good and I love peppers in an omelet (with mushrooms and shallots!) or on a pizza but peppers just aren't the one vegetable that rules the garden for us!

Pepper Seedlings
For basil I've planted 'Dark Opal' which is a purple basil, an Italian basil, and some 'Spicy Globe' basil. I've enjoyed all three in the garden and have to keep adding them in to the planting plan. Last year I tried a purple ruffle basil which was very cool for its ornamental value. Cinnamon basil is another neat basil that hopefully I'll get going again this year. I saved seed for it but haven't started it yet! The frost date has past so it's time to get planting in the garden!

Basil Seedlings
It's finally time for us here in Middle Tennessee to safely begin planting our hot season vegetables and annuals. Zinnias, sunflowers, beans, marigolds, and all kinds of other plantings should be safe from the killing frosts. Now's the time when all out gardening begins!

You're invited to join in Seed Sowing Saturday! Post and tell us about your seed sowing activities of the week!

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