Spring Plant Propagation: Agastache and Salvia

My addiction to plant propagation has reemerged from it's winter slumber. It's Spring which means it is time to get many kinds of cuttings ready for growing. It's still early and many of the plants I'd like to propagate still don't have adequate foliage but agastache, catmint, and salvia are ready to root! In my garden I planted two Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee' plants in the fall. Agastache is also known as hummingbird mint and has the square stems of other members of the mint family. If you are ever in need of an easy plant to propagate that almost never fails look for a member of the mint family!

I took several two to three node cuttings dipped them in rooting hormone and placed them in wet sand.  I also added several cuttings of 'Walker's Low' Catmint (a favorite plant of mine!) to the same container. It always amazes me how little space it takes to propagate so many plants.

In addition to the agastache I also took cuttings of salvia 'Caradonna'. 'Caradonna' is a beautiful purple flowering salvia with dark purple stems. I was able to fit 20 into this small cleaned out mushroom container. 

And here's an update for you. I mentioned a while back about the easy way to propagate 'Husker's Red' penstemon and here is the result:

I have quite a few 'Husker's Red' penstemon growing all over the gardens. By making a few more extra plants I can insure that I'll have it around. 'Husker's Red' will also propagate by cuttings.

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