Spinach, Lettuce, and Tomatoes! (Seed Sowing Saturday)

Today's Seed Sowing Saturday post for me is more about the results than starting new seed. My daughter and I did plant some onion sets (probably about 70 some weren't worth planting) and some potatoes (about 16 red potatoes). We still need to plant the Yukon golds which are my favorite potato.

So lets take a look at what we have growing!

The lettuce seedlings in the garden have a good start.  The cotyledons are leafed out to gather more sun to make the new lettuce leaves.

The spinach is at the same stage as the lettuce.  

The tomatoes are all sprouting along! Brandywine, Woodle Orange, and Cherokee purple have all germinated. I have them under grow lights indoors. We have about 6 weeks before it's safe to plant them outside here in Middle Tennessee (Spring Hill).

And the close-up!

I have several other varieties of tomatoes and peppers that need started ASAP. I like to have good sized plants right after the frost date to give them as much time to grow as possible. When I plant the tomatoes I strip the side leaves then bury the whole plant up to the top leaves. Tomatoes root along the stem so the more stem that is beneath the soil the more roots form - and more roots is always a good thing for tomatoes! I choose to plant my plants deep rather that in a trench but both methods work great!

To join in on Seed Sowing Saturday just link back to this post and tell us about your seed sowing experiences over the past week. Be sure to leave a link below so we can come over and visit your post! Don't forget a Tweet or a Facebook mention/like is always a good thing! Happy Seed Sowing!

Here are the Seed Sowers for this Saturday!

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