March in Color

Everyday new flowers and blooms are coming to our garden this March. Spring is officially here, even if the calendar doesn't agree. We still have a good chance of frost between now and mid April but so far everything is looking grand! The maple trees have bloomed although many people don't stop to observe them. The willows are growing catkins and in general the flowers are going wild! I spent a great deal of my weekend in the garden and not only enjoy the scents of the hyacinths but also the smell of the dirt. That old familiar smell I missed so much over the winter. I bet we all did.  Coneflowers are beginning to sprout leaves along with hostas, rudbeckia, and many many others. It's a great time to get out and garden!

If you follow The Home Garden on Facebook you might recognize this crocus photo from yesterday. I thought the coloring of purple and white petals was so neat I just had to share it!

The Bradford pear trees and forsythias brighten up our front yard while the daffodils are still going strong!

This flowering almond (Prunus grandulosa) is about to break buds. It's located to the right of the forsythia in the front corner garden. I put it there for a second succession of blooms after the forsythia are mostly finished. Hopefully my timing will work out!

The 'Forest Pansy' Redbud is very close to blooming. I'm expecting a great show from the redbud flowers this spring. The heart shaped leaves will remain purple through the cooler months then turn green in the heat of the summer.

Muscari or grape hyacinths are popping up in various places. I'm not sure when or where I got them but I'm glad they are here.

Near the back patio is this little garden. The Japanese maple in the back offers foliage the rest of the year but the daffodils and hyacinths take the spring time stage. I need to clean out the brown foliage from the Ponytail Grass (Mexican feather grass).

My only blooming hellebore is still putting on a show. I really need to prune off the brown frost bitten leaves.

The phlox will be full of flowers in a few days. A couple lonely blooms are giving a preview.

I've meant to take pictures of these Okame cherry trees every year but I've only now managed to remember to bring the camera! Okame cherry trees (Prunus x incamp) are the first cherry trees to bloom each spring and put on a massive display. Our town landscaped a roadway with a long line of cherry trees - I LIKE IT! Now if I could only find one near me cheaper than $100...

I hope you enjoyed the flowers from Spring Hill, Tennessee. For a look at what else is blooming around the blogosphere go visit Carol!

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