A little More March Color!

The plants are gradually beginning to come to life here in my garden. Yesterday's post highlighted a few of March's blooms, today here are a few more flower photos!

The hyacinths are blooming all over. So far I haven't been able to detect their sweet scent on the wind, but maybe I haven't been outside enough lately. If it would stop raining for a little while I might remedy that!

More hyacinths are in the birdbath garden. These were transplant divisions from another garden spot in the fall. The hyacinths in this garden may take two or three years to reach the size of the one in the previous picture.

More daffodils! What can beat looking at the bright yellow of daffodils when the clouds have taken away the sun?

And here's another gratuitous look at some purple crocuses. They sure like showing off!

What's blooming in your garden?

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