Friday Garden Photo Free For All!

Yesterday I spent some time out in the garden with my 3 year old daughter. We dug, we raked, we planted, we played with worms, simply put ... we gardened! Here are just a few photos from our time outdoors in the beautiful weather and in the garden. (Oh and just so you know "free for all" doesn't mean you can steal this post or the photos ;) if it's not on it's not The Home Garden! Feedscrapers are at it again - this is not directed at regular readers)

A Bradford pear tree almost in bloom, please don't plant one...

The daffodils are bursting with yellow colors all over our yard. I love spring!

The front yard is looking pretty good since it was all cleaned up and mulched. There's still some pruning that needs done - butterfly bushes and yew. There's the arbor way in the back, it sure looks tiny in the picture!

Here's my girl running around the daffodils in the front garden with her umbrella. It was windy and she was having quite a time keeping that umbrella in place!

Here she is again - this time well aware of the camera!

We spent some time preparing the beds and getting them all cleared of spring annual weeds that had crept into the soil.

I think having the kids out in the garden is one reason I changed the URL of my blog to  "Growing the Home Garden" is much more than just growing plants.

The self-sown cilantro is doing very well. There's some henbit that has mixed in but that is easy enough to remove.

A purple crocus was blooming near some oregano and the spent foliage of last year's daylilies.

And more henbit!

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