That Really Is Lettuce Among Those Weeds!

Yep, the title says it all. I really have lettuce growing among the weeds in one of my garden beds. I planted it in the fall and despite a few nights of subzero temperatures and several cumulative inches of snow over the course of winter it's still there! The lettuce is small, barely even 3 inches wide but it's there! It's the reddish purple leaves you see hiding among the chickweed and henbit.  I'll bet you want to know what lettuce can withstand that kind of cold and snow here in Tennessee?

I won't keep it a secret. It's an heirloom lettuce called Rouge D'Hiver that I bought from Baker Creek.  Rouge D'Hiver heirloom lettuce seems to be extremely cold tolerant. I suspect if I had gotten around to putting a cold frame over this bed I would have been munching on backyard garden lettuce all winter.  Once the warmer weather hits and the lettuce starts to grow I'll have some early harvests from the vegetable garden!

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