Sowing in the Garden (Seed Sowing Saturday)

This week I actually found myself outdoors sowing seeds directly into the soil of my garden. Thanks to wonderful Tennessee weather, where you can count on a few days of warm even in February, we're able to plant a few cool season crops this month.

So far in the vegetable garden I've planted:

I planted the lettuce and spinach into my circular raised bed that just recently was put together. I arranged three sticks to divide the area into six sections. Four of the sections are planted and soon I'll fill the last two with my red lettuce. If we get some really cold weather these plants may need some covering.

I'm planting the sugar snap peas everywhere I can this year. They are delicious right out of the garden and we never seem to have enough. They rarely even make it into the house! Once they have stopped producing we'll let the foliage die back and nourish the soil with the nitrogen it fixed while growing. Legumes are a great resource! About that time I'll be able to plant my tomatoes in the garden in and around the fast fading peas.


To plant them I just dig a trench with a trowel about 1.5 - 2 inches deep, place my seeds, cover, and water! Now if only the deer will stay away...

How are your seeds coming?

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