Signs of Spring Coming

This time of year more than any other when the cold weather is still stuck upon us we look for any signs of spring. We scour the garden for any hints of warmer weather that will hopefully be on its way soon. We have it lucky right now here in Tennessee. While the snows are burying parts of our country we sit with frigid air but no snow. Warmer days are coming, I'm sure of it! The signs of spring are beginning to appear in my garden.

The daffodils are beginning their growth. They have only just begun to emerge from their winter sleep. Soon they will be highlighting the each garden like little pieces if the sun shining from the soil.

But they are not alone. The Tulips are also in on the game. Negrita and Shirley are pushing up from soil of the front sidewalk garden.

The signs of spring coming are beginning to show here, how about where you are?

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