The Weekend Garden Gameplan

Oh I know, I'm keenly aware of the Superbowl coming up but this post has nothing to do with it. You see Saturday is destined to be a day outdoors - nothing short of the weather forecasters getting it completely wrong can stop that. We all know that never happens...

The temperatures are said to finally be reaching the 50's! I even heard on forecaster mention the words "approaching the 60's."  Needless to say I'm looking forward to spending some quality time outdoors with the rake, the shovel, the wheelbarrow, the shed, the garage, and any other activity that I can find to do in the great outdoors.

Where am I going to start?
Here's the Weekend Garden Gameplan:

1. The Vegetable Garden
2. Birdbath garden
3. The yard
4. The Shed
5.  The garage

Now I wonder if the odds makers in Vegas have set the line Dave vs The Chores? Doubtful...

Who's your money on? ;)

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