The First Snowfall

Tonight Middle Tennessee is resting peacefully beneath a blanket of snow. Bitter cold set in here as it has in much of the eastern United States.  With the cold came swirling winds and all this white stuff.  So far this winter cold we've been experiencing is about 20 degrees below the normal averages for our region. December has been extremely cold! What I find interesting is that two years ago on December 12th we also had our first snowfall of 2008 (more on the 2008 December Snowfall).

I'll take more pictures tomorrow when I actually go out in the snow but here's a glimpse of what we've had so far! I also posted a couple webcam videos of the snowfall on The Home Garden Facebook page - not extremely riveting videos I'll admit - but snowfall is always exciting to see the first time each year!

On the front porch.

The Blue Garden Shed

The Patio under snow

On Tomorrow's Garden Agenda:
Hot Chocolate
Maybe a snowman!

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