Chilly Week Ahead - Warm Weeks Behind

Today is the Monday morning of what promises to be the coldest week of the Fall/Winter season 2010. The temperatures are predicted to be in the 30's for highs and teens for lows with is about 15-20 degrees colder than the normal temperatures. I thought I would take a moment with this post and tomorrow's post and think about those warmer days from the spring and summer that make us gardeners excited to be outdoors soaking up that vitamin D! (click on any of the pictures or links to see the original posts)

March 2010 - The first daffodils in began blooming. In contrast the daffodil foliage in some areas of the yard are beginning to peek out of the soil - hope of things to come!

April 2010 - The garden in April is always full of blooms. Tulips line our from walkway and the Yoshino cherry is covered in blossoms. In contrast today everything is bare although I did plant pansies where the tulips are for some cool season color.

May 2010 - May brings more awesome blossoms to the eye. Catmint and achillea are a great combination, and the Irises look pretty good too! May is also the time of the salvias in our garden! The beginning of May also brought us more water than we could handle in the form of flooding rains.

June 2010 - The beginning of summer! I miss those warm days already. Coneflowers and many others were nourishing the pollinators and the vegetable garden was producing tomatoes! I miss those fresh from the garden tomatoes too!

I'll continue with more warmer days tomorrow! How's the weather in your garden?

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