Sunday's Garden Chore List Accomplished

Sunday was a bit of a catch-up day. Over the past few weeks I've had several chores that needed done in the garden but just haven't had the time to get them accomplished. I finally made a dent in that to-do list. Here's what was accomplished:

Birdbath garden and pathway
  1. Transplanted: Birch, 2 dappled willows, redbud (these do not transplant well due to an extra long taproot. I had to move the plant since it was in a bad location)
  2. Planted Bulbs: Mountain Lily, hyacinth (from another location), crocuses, English bluebells, and allium
  3. Planted Plants: Anise hyssop
  4. Divided and planted: gaillardia ( it pulled apart from the roots much like 'Husker's Red' Penstemon)
  5. Root Cuttings: Birch (as I transplanted the birch above I found a couple suitable roots to try root cuttings from. I'll explain later if it works out well.)
  6. Cuttings: dwarf boxwood, roses, spirea, and variegated red twig dogwood
  7. Adjusted some rock borders near the birdbath garden.
  8. Watered the plants in the greenhouse shed with water from my rain barrel. I was amazed that many of the plants inside were still actively growing despite no active heat source. 
It was a productive afternoon but there is so much more that I want to get done and just not enough time to do it all. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to stop time?

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