Past Peak But Peeking Back at Fall Color

It's been rather hectic over the last couple weeks around here and I'm just now getting to my own Fall Color Project post! I figured a retrospective look back at the last few weeks would find the peak of the fall color season in my area.

Way back on October 12, 2010 we had the first of the trees beginning to change - sassafras!


On October 20, 2010 the sassafras were well on their way to the peak of color!

Moving ahead to October 27, 2010 we have a crape myrtle beginning to turn red on a few leaves.

This red maple was also changing color on the same day.

One of my favorite shots with the garden shed in it is this one. I love the gold maple in the back!

A couple days later (October 30, 2010) the colors in the back tree line were shining in gold.

An oak leaf hydrangea on November 2, 2010 is just beginning to turn. It's in a sheltered spot in the corner shade garden and probably receives additional heat from the house.

Another shot of the shed on November 5, 2010 shows the gold color more solid in the individual leaves but the tree has lost leaves. Fall is progressing!

This Shasta viburnum is beginning to turn on November 5th also.

November 9th brings more fall color to the Shasta viburnum. It's been a rough year for many plants and this Shasta has lost more than a few leaves due to drought conditions.

November 11, 2010 and the red maple is in full color.

This fall has been spotty at best. Peak time here was probably the middle to the end of October but there are still some trees with leaves hanging on. It won't be long though until the fall colors are done for this year!

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