More November Color! (Fall Color Project 2010)

It is highly possible that post might not have happened. I'm glad it did since I've seen some great November colors in the blog posts listed below. Due to a computer bug and other issues this week it's been very hard to get anything written. Whoever had the bright idea to create Trojan viruses on computers needs to be locked up and have the key thrown away! Fortunately I've found a way to bypass the virus to get this post done but it may be a few days before regular posting resumes.

This gorgeous carpet of red Japanese maple leaves awaits you over at Plantalicious! Her last hurrah features birches, blueberries, and deciduous magnolias. There is definitely some nice color still to be seen during this Autumn season!

Mark's fall color post points to one of Nature's ironies. I'll let you find that one out for yourself when you visit his blog. Blueberries, cotinus, chestnut and other colorful leaves are featured. Go check out fall in Great Britain!

How about some California fall color? Over at Town Mouse and Country Mouse you'll find some great autumn colors from the California countryside. An old walnut orchard, sycamores, oaks, and other fall colors await you on a cross country walk in California!

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