More Fall Foliage Fun! (Fall Color Project 2010)

While my garden is pretty much bare naked others are still draped in colorful fall foliage! From Tennessee to Alabama and Georgia fall color has peaked in the the 7 days since our last Fall Color Project Post. Let's take a look!

Frances has a great fall color post filled with autumn associated colors. One of my favorite plants (that I don't have but want) is featured in the first picture - Winterberry Holly! It has great fall and winter interest with all those masses of bright red berries. There's lots to see at France's blog but one of the things she is most known for is the Muhly grass! Just take a look at the last picture to see why!

Phillip's post at Dirt Therapy is a tour of his home garden but may as well have been at a botanical garden. The colors are filling up every corner of his garden. Japanese maples, hydrangeas, dogwoods and all kinds of color can be found down in Alabama!

Skeeter popped back in at In The Garden to show us some of the colors around her Georgia home. One of the most wonderful things about fall is the opportunity to see that 3 dimensional painting that our gardens become and Skeeter's surroundings definitely fit the bill! Stop over to see Skeeter's Georgia colors!

The brilliance of autumn can definitely be seen over at Chris's blog Garden Sense. Red, gold, and orange colors are highlighted among maple, ginkgo, weeping cherry, and ash trees. A stop to Chris's post should be on your fall color tour!

Newsflash - Texas has fall color! Stop on down and visit Tufa girl and see the brightly color trees emerging for autumn in the Lone Star state. Red and gold trees are beginning the fall transformation. There's plenty of green still around so maybe there is more color to come!

Racquel has put together a cool collection of fall color through a collage. One of my favorite trees (yes I have quite a few) is featured there - the sweet gum! It's often maligned because of its seed balls but I think its color in the fall makes up for that. Go take a look at Racquel's Fall Color Collage!

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