More Fall Color! (Fall Color Project 2010)

It's been a week since my last Fall Color Project Update and the colors are only getting more colorful as we go!

Charlotte told me about her Fall Color Project post last Friday with some very rich and colorful fall favorites. In fact the plants she has pictured are some of my personal favorites! Japanese maples and pyracantha are two of the highlights and the color is nothing short of amazing!

TC the Write Gardener is showing us the power of technology! Specifically the power of his iPhone to bring fall colors to the rest of the world. With phones and cameras integrated together no longer is there any excuse to not photograph the best fall color nearby! TC shows that you had better have your camera at the ready for those fall photos!

VP's Fall Color Post shows us the beauty of fall that can be captured within a single leaf. The veining coloration of this single maple leaf reflects within its own heart the image of the tree it once hung on.

Shirley in Edmonton gives us fall color enmass in her post! She takes us to scenic bridges, to the gardens around the city, and to her own home for some gorgeous fall color.Aspen, oak, maple, buckeye, and all kinds of plants are highlighting Edmonton in fall splendor!

Janet at the Queen of Seaford has done a great job of highlighting each colorful tree near her. For each tree she put together an awesome collage of fall foliage. Dogwoods, sassafras, and other fall favorites are brightening up the South Carolina landscape!

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