Completely Random Garden Photos

There's no rhyme or reason to the pictures in this post. It's all random and just for fun! Or does saying that give it a theme or a reason? Hmm....

Verbena bonairensis beginning the process of reseeding in the self-sowing garden.

Celosia in the reseeding garden!

The front garden on October. I've noticed that this year there is a definite red colors tint in the front garden. Red mums, red Salvia splendens, red on the Gaillardia (pictured below). The purple basils also help to add a bit of color here.


Purple petunias! Sometimes you can find good things on the discount rack!

And the blue garden shed! I think the color is growing on me.

I have lots more painting to do including the doors, window trim, and soffits but two big days of painting got me this far. It is definitely a major change!

Don't forget the fall color project! Click on the picture below for details!

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