5 Garden Chores I Need To Do

This time of year I'm always overwhelmed by the massive amount of work that needs done in the garden. This blog sometimes helps me to keep organized when I put together a list of those garden things to do.

5 Fall Garden Chores I Need to Do in My Garden

  1. Clean up the vegetable garden. It's overgrown from too many weeds, too many tomatoes, and too many strawberries! I also need to attempt another sowing of spinach and lettuce. The dry weather wasn't very cooperative...
  2. Plant Garlic. Fall is the time to plant garlic and ever year I've said I'm going to get it done this year! Well guess what...I said that again so we'll see!
  3. Transplant: Strawberries, tulip poplars, and redbuds. I have a redbud that popped up in a patch of ragwort. I tried to remove it last year and thought I killed it...I thought wrong. It's back like an Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick. Redbeds are notoriously hard to transplant because of their deep tap roots - better wish me luck on that one!
  4. Plant Plants: Oak Leaf hydrangea, several other hydrangeas, viburnums, salvias, and a few others. I still need to get a hold of an 'Otto Luyken' Laurel to complete my foundation plantings in the front garden.
  5. Dig up and move gladiolas. I have gladiolas all over the place and while they are pretty when in bloom they flop over and land on the ground like an opossum in headlights. They also have a ton of offsets from every corm. I'm thinking of trying a mass planting of all he collect corms somewhere...

There's much more to do especially when you consider the garden shed. Although on that front I did manage to get another shelf section covered with wire mesh this afternoon. I also covered a window with plastic and caulked some more to increase the heat retention. I also put my first plants inside! It's come a long way since I started, and to think it's only taken a year! (Please note the sarcasm ;))

What's on your garden to-do list?

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