3 Years!

It's amazing when you go back and think about time and how quickly it flies by. Earlier we were listening to the "90's" station on the cable TV music station and I realized that even though the 90's didn't seem that long ago 1996 was actually 14 years ago! Yep time flies fast just like 3 years of writing this garden blog. In early October of 2007 I stumbled across an article in the paper about garden blogging. The article mentioned and interviewed folks like Doug Green and Hanna of This Garden is Illegal and I thought it might be a neat way to share my garden experiences. You see I knew my family was tired of hearing me yammer on and on endlessly about plants and garden ideas. The blog became the perfect route for expressing my gardening passion. It was the way I began to share my projects, my ideas, and my experiences in the garden.

My first post left a lot to be desired. I was getting my feet wet, trying to learn about the whole garden blog thing. How to do it, what people enjoy seeing, commenting, meeting other bloggers, and finding my "voice." It's changed a lot since then. The garden has changed a lot since then too. The yard and garden was void of any meaningful plant material when I began but through obsessive plant propagation, discount rack shopping, plant swaps, and occasional splurges has become somewhat of a jungle - and I mean that in a good way! Perhaps eclectic cottage garden is more of what I mean whatever the case I've enjoyed putting it together.

The work is never done. When I was setting up the garden tour our garden club had in the spring a gardener I was visiting told me that her garden "was a work in progress." And I thought "that's a interesting phrase." Everyone who has any experience in gardening soon realizes that every garden will always be "a work in progress." My garden most assuredly is a work in progress. If you're a new gardener you need to understand that gardening is a constant hobby - it never ends, it always changes, it takes work, it takes dedication, and it's worth every moment you spend doing it! And if you're an experienced gardener...well, you already knew that!

Thank you to everyone who has followed or is following The Home Garden over the years. To my blogging friends I really wish I could visit more often - time is a precious commodity that seems to get more valuable and more rare as life progresses. I haven't been able to visit your blogs as much as I'd like to, maybe in the offseason (does even that exist?) I can look back at what everyone did over the summer and catch up a bit. There is a good reason why or really three good reasons why I haven't been visiting your blogs as much as I used to:
Reason 1
Reason 2
Reason 3

The oldest is off to her first year of school, my second daughter turns 3 later in November, and the new guy around here does require a little attention! Balancing the children (figuratively of course, I would hurt myself otherwise!), life, the garden and the garden blog is a little challenging at times. When I look back at the over 1300 posts I have here on the garden blog I think that maybe I can ease up a little in the blogging area. Maybe just a little...

What will the future here at The Home Garden bring? More projects for sure, more gardening, more pictures, more propagation experiments, more of everything I've already been doing I suppose! In the garden project category the garden fence is on my radar big time. After being constantly frustrated by deer this year a fence is a high priority. For propagation I'd like to try more shrubs, trees, ornamental grasses, root cuttings, and if I feel really adventurous - grafting! We'll see how it goes. I'm famous in my family for putting too much on my plate!

I hope you've enjoyed The Home Garden and that in some way my experiences have helped you in your garden.  I appreciate every moment of time you spend reading about my thoughts and experiences and truly could not keep writing without someone to write to. Will I still be blogging in one year? In two? In another three? Well ... there's only one way to find out!

Thanks again!