Garden Shed, Drainage Pathway and Loads of Dirt

This past weekend was fantastic. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for getting outdoors and getting things done. I was looking forward to Saturday and the perfect weather a week in advance and knew exactly what I was going to tackle. My plan: to work around the garden shed! I managed to accomplish one major task that needed done - dig out and grade the pathway next to the shed so that the rainwater would not flood inside the shed.

Back in the spring we had more rain than I have ever seen in a two day period of time. Some areas of Tennessee received 18 inches or more while we got about 12-14 inches. That amount of water was a problem for my garden shed (click on the link for video). The rain flooded the backyard and ended up going through the floor of the garden shed and flowing out the other side. My shed has a gravel and brick floor that will allow spilled moisture to leave - I didn't expect that moisture to pass through it!

My Saturday project began on the left side of the shed. If you look at the picture below and follow the brown dirt you will see the project area. I used a tiller to break up the soil then removed and graded the area to direct water past the shed. 

After grading the area significantly I installed some 4"x6" landscape timbers that would serve as a barrier for water. The idea is to defect the water as it flows away from the shed and down the pathway. If you notice on the right side of the picture the landscape timber is almost even with the grass.

When you look at the end of the timber section the barrier is almost 6 inches above the grade. Hopefully that will be enough to defect any future water to the drainage areas in the back of the yard.

Here's another look from the end of the pathway. The dirt will be reseeded very soon with grass for easy maintenance. Inside the landscape timbers will be a combination of a small patio area and a mulched bed for hydrangeas. I'm waiting on painting the shed before installing the hydrangea bed.

I can't wait to get the shed painted. As soon as the weather cools off painting will be the next chore to tackle!

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