Garden Blogger Posts of the Week Vol.4

Unfortunately this week my garden blog surfing was cut back severely. I just didn't get the time to go and visit some of my favorite bloggers and as a consequence I've only marked one post for today - but it's a good one!

You might be thinking "he's on a path kick" when you read this next post and remember the posts I mentioned last week. Pathways are one of the most useful garden design elements you can add so they should be talked about - repeatedly! What I find amazing about Shirley's path at Choosing Voluntary Simplicity is that the stones she used aren't necessarily small flat stones - most of them are large round rocks that have at least one flat side. She's placed the flat side up for walking and the rest of the stone is buried under the pathway soil. A lot of work went into her pathway!

A look back at this week on The Home Garden:

You can "see" my invisible nasturtiums in my most recent Grow Project post! OK they aren't really invisible - we've just had too much harsh weather for the nasturtiums to do well this year. Tuesday's post was a highlight of last weekend's big project - fixing the drainage area around my shed! Another weekend project was making some stepping stones from concrete.

And don't forget to capture some images of fall for the Fall Color Project 2010!

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