The Cilantro is Coming Back!

One of our favorite herbs is cilantro and I'm pleased to announce that it is reappearing in our garden as one of our fall crops. Cilantro grows great in the cooler weather.  Here in Tennessee it will last until late spring when the temperatures get warm. I usually let our cilantro bolt and it reseeds readily.

I know many people aren't big fans of cilantro but we use it frequently and are always excited to harvest anything from the garden rather than the grocery store shelves. If you like cilantro and haven't grown it before you really need to try it. It grows easy without any special care, doesn't have pest issues, is a great companion plant (to keep away aphids, spider mites, and potato beetles), and even is an awesome edible ornamental when it bolts!

We have a few other fall crops beginning to appear but I'll save them for a vegetable garden update next week.