Woodle Orange Heirloom Tomato

Summer is the peak time for tomatoes which makes it the perfect time for tantalizing tomato talk! I'm pretty excited about this particular tomato that my wife selected from the Baker's Creek Catalog last winter. I'm talking about 'Woodle Orange'! It's a funny name and prior to reading it in the catalog I had never heard of it before. Because it was an orange tomato and outside of our normal palette of red and pink tomatoes we decided to give it a try. (We're trying a couple new varieties each year.)

The tomatoes ripen up when they are about the size of a baseball (75 days to harvest) with the bright orange yellow color you can see in the pictures. The skin consistently has very few blemishes and very little damage from the rigors of the garden. More importantly the flavor is impressive. 'Woodle Orange' has a flavor that is perfectly tomato like without being overpowering and very tasty.

The inside texture is great since it is mostly meat with just a little pulp and juice mixed inside. That makes it perfect for sandwiches since you won't have juice running out all over the bread. Of course I've always said a messy sandwich is a good sandwich! Needless to say I'm not adverse to nearly any fresh garden tomato finding its way onto my sandwiches.

My 'Woodle Orange' plants have been quietly producing good tomatoes without any pest or disease issues but this may not always be the case. Results may vary depending on garden conditions and the weather. I can confidently say that 'Woodle Orange' will be a regular in our garden for the foreseeable future!

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