Volunteer Tulip Poplar Saplings

An interesting problem has arisen lately. You see, over the last few months little saplings of our Tennessee state tree the tulip poplar have popped up all over the place. It must have been a great year for tulip poplars last season because I've found over 7 saplings that seem to be doing great all over the yard. They all need moved as some are way too close to the house and others are in places I really don't want them. The problem is how do I use them?

One answer was given to me a couple months ago during a tour of a hosta garden in Franklin, TN. The owner of the garden (and president of the Middle Tennessee Hosta Society) told me that when she was trying to develop shade in her backyard she planted tulip poplars - and gave them plenty of extra water! Tulip poplars grow extremely fast and can quickly create a canopy for shade. I want to propagate more shade in my backyard, especially for the hot Tennessee summers, and the tulip poplars might do the trick. I wouldn't need too many of them perhaps 2-3 might be all that is needed.

One or two of the tulip poplars will get planted near some wild cherries that are gradually dying out. I don't want to lose the deciduous privacy screen the trees provide in the summer and the tulip poplar should help us out there. Now what do I do with the others? Any ideas?